We had a great week in the toddler class. We learned about blubber in science with Miss Jackie and made a number 4 with candy canes. We read about the gingerbread man and made one as well. Looking forward to our Holiday parties. 

Early Three’s

This week in Early 3’s we said goodbye to fall and farm unit and moved onto winter and Holidays! We did I is for ice cream, number 3 and made the most adorable Rudolph’s ever!!

Welcome December

Did you know all reindeers have antlers and that baby reindeers have teeth when they are born? These are just a few of the reindeer facts that the preschoolers have discovered this week. They also have been working on the letter Kk, the number 5 and enjoyed yoga with Ms. Nicole.

Happy Thanksgiving

This week the preschoolers enjoyed many thanksgiving and Native American activities. They sang song, played games and made crafts with a Native American theme. Happy thanksgiving to all!

Early Three’s

Our tots said Happy Thanksgiving today by making Thankful Turkeys. We wrapped up our farm unit this week and painted with corn on the cob! We read lots of stories and sang lots of songs about animals and the sounds they make as well as Thanksgiving and Turkey songs! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! We are loving seeing all of the cooperative play in this room. They are doing a great job. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a great break. Let’s all enjoy time with family and remember all we have to be thankful for. 🦃😀


We had a great week before thanksgiving!!  We had music with Miss Joanie and made yellow pictures. We made a thankful tree and talked about what we were thankful for. We are thankful for all of your kids. Happy thanksgiving to you all!!

Families, Voting and Veterans!

This week Pre-K had fun talking about our families! We graphed how many people in our family and made a cute Popsicle stick craft to represent the people in our family.

We also learned about the voting process and held a class election with “Duck for President”.

Today we said “Thank you” to local Vets by making postcards to send!