October Fun

This week the preschoolers enjoyed crafts, games and fine motor activities with a fall theme. They also worked on the letter Bb, the number 2 and sang along with Ms. Joanie during music time in the classroom. 

Welcome October 

This week the preschoolers explored the fall themed crafts, games and fine motor activities in the classroom. They also worked on the letter Bb, the number 2 and enjoyed music with Ms. Joanie. 

Early Three’s

We’re having fun in The Early Three’s room and our hallway is looking quite festive. We can’t wait for the pumpkin patch field trip Monday and Totstober coming up! The kids are having fun exploring fall and Halloween and learning lot’s of new poems and songs. We had fun today with Miss Joanie in music. 🎃🍁


Having so much fun in the toddler class this week. We are talking about Fall and Halloween!!  We have learned two new poems; 5 Little Pumpkins and I have a Little Spider. Ask your kids to teach them to you. We learned about the letter E, E is for Eagle!!  Remember our field trip to Blooms and Berries on Monday!!  Have a great weekend!!

October News-Pre-K

This month our focus will be on leaves and the Fall season. We will learn why the leaves change color and parts of the leaf.

We will also learn about Bats, Spiders and Pumpkins. We learn the life cycles of both spiders and pumpkins. Stay tuned for some pictures of next week’s field trip to the pumpkin patch!

Apple Tasting Time

This week the preschoolers tasted apples and graphed their favorite. The green Granny Smith was the winner! The children also reviewed shapes, worked on the letter Dd and enjoyed yoga with Ms. Nicole. 

Early Three’s

Mat Man taught us how to draw ourselves and we made our first self portraits in Early Three’s. We learned all about the letter C with a fun mystery box and if you look in the hall you will see our C is for Cupcake! Today we talked about how special we are and made a mirror to look at ourselves to wrap up our all about me unit.