Early Three’s

We’ve had a great first few weeks of school! We have such a great class. The kids are making friends and playing so well together! We are busy learning colors, our names and the letters A and B! We really enjoyed our first specials, Science and Music and getting to combine with the Pre-K class for that! Love seeing our tots explore and grow!

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Enrichment Fun

This week the preschoolers participated in the enrichments that were a part of their preschool day. They explored electricity during science time with Ms. Jackie and enjoyed music with Ms. Joanie. The children also continued discovering the body parts of an insect and the letter Ff. 


Another amazing week in the Toddler room!!  We are making new friends and learning new songs and poems!!  We learned about the letter B and we looked in the mirror to see someone special!!  Everyone is doing great. Enjoy your weekend!!

Welcome Preschoolers 

The preschoolers have been as busy as bees this week. They enjoyed fine motor activities, prewriting skills and created art during center time. The children also explored the world of bees during small and large group activities. The preschoolers are off to a great start this school year!  

We’ve had a great first two weeks of school in Early Three’s! We’ve had fun meeting each other and exploring the room and learning the rules at school! We’re doing a great job!! We’ve been learning about ourselves, sharing and how to be a good friend! We are busy practicing our names doing various fine motor activities.


We had a great week in our toddler class. We are learning “all about me!”  We read a book about our family and how all families are different and special. We also learned about the letter A!  All the kids are learning the routines and starting to feel very comfortable. This is going to be a great year in the Toddler class!!


Wow, how did the school year go by so fast? We are so thankful for all our toddlers and parents. We had a great last few weeks of butterflies, art shows and picnics!!! We wanted to thank you for the amazing gifts you all chipped in on. We are so grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity!! We are so lucky to have you as part of our Creative Tots family!! We will miss you all over the summer but enjoy your time off and we will see you soon!! We love our toddlers!!