Welcome Back

This week the preschoolers explored sound with Ms. Jackie. She showed the children how sound moves by preforming many different experiments. We also worked on the letter Uu, numbers 1-4, the concept of more and less and created bear art.

Holiday Fun

This week the preschoolers enjoyed doing activities, making patterns and journaling with a holiday theme. The holiday parties were the highlights of the week. (See face book for pictures.) Have a wonderful break!

Gearing up for the Holidays!

It was all about Marshmallows this week in Pre-K! The kids had fun using the marshmallows as manipulatives to help them solve addition problems.

We can’t post much else this week because we don’t want to spoil any gift surprises that we are preparing!!


We had a fun time in the toddler class this week.  We learned that K is for king!!  We had music with Miss Joanie and sang lots of holiday songs!!  We are looking forward to having all the parents join us at our holiday parties on Wednesday and Thursday!!  Have a great weekend!!!

Arctic Science

This week Ms. Jackie introduced the preschoolers to arctic animals. They discovered how blubber keeps arctic animals warm and participated in a blubber experiment.


We had a great week in the toddler class. We learned about blubber in science with Miss Jackie and made a number 4 with candy canes. We read about the gingerbread man and made one as well. Looking forward to our Holiday parties. 

Early Three’s

This week in Early 3’s we said goodbye to fall and farm unit and moved onto winter and Holidays! We did I is for ice cream, number 3 and made the most adorable Rudolph’s ever!!