Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

The preschoolers have been celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday by enjoying math and fine motor activities with a Dr. Seuss theme. They also reviewed dental health with a visit from Ms. Tracy, a dental hygienist.

Early Three’s

It’s hard to believe it’s March! This week we finished up our transportation theme by making school buses and we’ve moved onto Dinosaurs! The kids are loving all the dinosaurs all over the room and we have many fun activities planned! We read a really neat book about them and love learning about them in circle time. We made pretty rainbows to decorate our hall with and hope Spring weather is back soon and here to stay! Today we learned about the letter Q and queen and the words that make the “q” sound. We made Q is for quilt. We’ve been busy working on our names and many of us can spell and write them on our own. Our tots have learned and grown so much since school started! šŸ™‚ 

We Loce ScienceĀ 

The preschoolers had fun exploring science with Ms. Jackie. They discovered the three layers of the skin through hands on activities.  They also enjoyed the pizza themed activities in the classroom.  

K-Prep & Pre-K Dental Health Week

Say cheese and show us those shiny, white teeth!! This week we leaned how to keep our teeth healthy and happy! We made our own toothbrushes and used them to brush away the sugar bugs! We measured toothbrushes and also practiced subtraction and addition. Our favorite activity this week was making a model of the gums and teeth using playdoh and white beans!

Early Three’s

We had a wonderful week! Beautiful smiling faces and perfect weather to go with it! It has been amazing to get back outside and play! We learned all about the letter P and the sound it makes and made P is for puzzle. Today we did a number review by making a rocket.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off! Enjoy this awesome weather today! See you all on Monday!


Sorry, here are the pictures!!


Hello parents!!  We had a great week in the toddler class!!  We learned the letter Q!!  Q is for Quail!!  We also talked about the color purple!!  Our transportation unit has been going very well!!  Next week we start out Dinosaur unit!!  That is always a favorite!!  Enjoy your weekend!!